privacy policy

privacy policy

Basic Principles

We highly value the privacy of your data.

By giving your personal data on the website, you are giving your approval for this information to be used in a manner in accordance with the privacy policy given hereafter.

The information given by you will be stored in our secure systems that are kept in our domain or in the domain of an authorised third party.

We can allow access to other parties that act according to this privacy policy or for other reasons approved by you.

During your stay on our website ( is obligated to store your personal data securely.

If your personal data has changed, we change it only if you want us to.

Personal Data Collected from You

To send a query you have to fill in your personal data (name, country, phone number, e-mail address) and the guest apartment you wish to book (number of people, dates, type of guest apartment, etc.).

Based on the information given in your query a sales representative of Spacelab OÜ will make you a personal offer and send it to your e-mail address.

To book you have to fill in your personal data: name, address, e-mail address, phone number, credit card data (type and number of the credit card, CVC, expiry date, the name of the owner of the credit card). A booking confirmation will then be sent to your e-mail.

We will not disclose your credit card data to a third party.

Spacelab OÜ will send your personal information, which includes information about your payment type and the booking to the credit or debit card company that has provided you with the card you paid for your booking with.

Everyone who wants can join the Spacelab OÜ newsletter.

To join the newsletter you have to write your name and e-mail address in the booking form and choose your language.

If you do not wish to get any more newsletters from us, notify us by e-mail on the address or click on the link „Unsubscribe“ in the e-mail, and your e-mail address will be deleted from the Spacelab OÜ database.

Collecting Information

The data collected on the website might be used for the following purposes:

Accounting; sending the bill and confirmation.

Verification and confirmation of the credit or debit card.

To register you as a user of the apartment.

Statistics and marketing analysis.

To plan and book accommodation.

To add your e-mail address to our advertising campaigns or lotteries.

To provide security or to avoid fraud.

To answer your questions or recommendations.

It may be that we have to contact you for operative reasons (i.e. to find out the time of your arrival or to notify you of your personal door code).

We do not collect data from children.

If you think your child has given their personal data to us, contact us so we can identify and delete your child’s personal data.

We use your personal data to contact you.

With your approval and by following your privacy preferences your personal data will be used to send
advertisement messages, special offers and questionnaires.

We might use your data to send offers and news about the services of Spacelab OÜ or other carefully chosen companies that in our opinion might be of interest to you.

You can choose if you wish to get messages about marketing from us or not and you can change your privacy preferences at any time by sending an e-mail to the address

We can also contact you by phone (among other things by SMS).

If you do not wish to get advertisement messages from us, we will stop sending you messages with

We may still contact you for research and administrative purposes, for example to confirm your booking or transaction.

Data Protection

We wish for you to peacefully and safely use our website to plan and purchase your accommodation.

We don’t sell, give out or make information about you public in any other way to a third party (other than accredited companies for the secure protection of your data).

Our website is located in a secure environment to ensure that your personal details are always kept safe.

Ending Permission to Use Your Data

If after using your personal data you decide you don’t want to be on our customer list anymore, notify us by sending an e-mail or by clicking the „Unsubscribe“ link at the end of any e-mail sent to you by us.

Your Approval

By using the website you approve the collection of data described above and
the ways of use by Spacelab OÜ.

If you have more questions about our privacy policy or about how it is executed, send an e-mail to

Every argument that arises from the website or is related to it, is regulated, interpreted and put into effect in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Estonia.

We always have the right to change the way of collecting, sending and working with your personal data.

Our privacy policy will always appear on the same page online so that you’re always aware of the information we collect, how we use it and in which conditions we disclose it at any given time.

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